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Whanganui Port Revitalisation_

The Whanganui Port Masterplan establishes a place-based, design-led vision to reconnect Whanganui with its historic working waterfront and to guide its regeneration into a working, entertainment and recreational destination. Where creativity, commerce, entertainment, education and recreation merge to create an authentic and memorable destination that builds on the maritime traditions, economic vitality and sense of place of Whanganui.

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The masterplan overlays programatic layers of history, ecology, movement, activity and place to identify a range of marine infrassructure enhancements, public and private development opportunities, place making innitiatives and strategic activation opportunities.    

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Location_ Whanganui Port, Whanganui
Client_ Whanganui District Council
Date_ 2017 - Current
Budget_ N/A
Team_ Wardale + Tonkin and Taylor + Vapour