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Te Whanake Masterplan_

A design-led, site-specific, design strategy stitches a new diverse, compact residential community into its stream and coastal edge landscape context. The site strategy is informed by the interaction of the natural coastal (Tāmaki River) and Omaru Creek edge and its interaction with the grid morphology of the Tāmaki precinct.

The grid pattern is used as the key organising and structuring framework for new residential blocks. This contrasts with the informality of the sites coastal (east) and estuarine/creek edges (west and north) to inform a more layered and organic relationship between city and nature.

The open space network integrates a unique sequence of landscape experiences including a headland ‘destination park’, a multi-purpose ‘recreational field’, a steam edge ‘ecological corridor’ and a continuous ‘coastal walkway’. The Headland and Beach reinforce connections to the wider landscape and destinations. The playing fields provide a venue for recreation and celebration supported by new community/social infrastructure.


A series of east-west green streets provide visual and physical connections across the site connecting ‘creek’ and ‘river’ and supporting a site-wide low impact design strategy. These spaces can be used/understood individually or collectively as part of the identity and spirit of Tauoma. An expanded range of recreational and social experiences provides Tauoma with the amenity that will enable it to function as both a destination in the wider context of Auckland and a place to live. Built form is distributed across the site to provide cohesion and optimise views and aspect towards the coastal/creek edges and the sun. A range of housing typologies creates overall cohesion with a local difference and site-specificity.

Location_ Te Whanake - Point England, Tāmaki Makaurau - Auckland, New Zealand
Client_ Panuku Development Auckland + Ngati Paoa Group Holdings
Date_ 2016
Budget_ N/A
Team_ Harrison Grierson