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Team: Anna Bish, Scott Greenhalgh, Greer Carmine, Henry Crothers, Sam Gould, Ethan Reid, Bela Grimsdale, Cory Manson, Prince Pretzel, Divya Bishnoi, Joey Rosenberg, Jeremy Thompson, Zac Thorp, Luke Veldhuizen, Monique Hawkins
Studio Space: 127.4 sq.m
IT Power: 102.5 GHZ
Espresso: Allpress
Cycles: Schindelhauer Viktor
Drinks: Hallertau Luxe
Plays: 5 aside football (‘Field Operations’)


Level 2, 17 Sale Street, Freemans Bay, Auckland 1010
PO Box 91392, Victoria Street West, Auckland, New Zealand, 1010
p: +64 9 379 5805  



LandLAB is a design-led, studio based practice creating sustainable, innovative and creative outcomes across a range of landscape, urbanism and place making projects in Auckland, Christchurch, Tauranga and Wellington.

As our name suggests our philosophy integrates a site specific approach (‘Land’) with a creative and rigorous design process (‘LAB’). Our work reflects our interrogation of the inter-relationships between the ecologies and systems of ‘landscape’, ‘urbanism’ and ‘place’.    

As landscape urbanists we operate at the intersection of the disciplines of ecology, landscape and urban design. We apply our rigorus and creative design-led approach to spaces, places and territory through the lense of ecological and landscape urbanism. 

We believe in a design-led process, and guide projects with expertise, leadership and tenacity. We collaborate with our clients, communities, technical consultants and other creative disciplines. We encourage authenticity, innovation, and environmental responsibility.

We design for people and are equally as interested in how each project works, is assembled and looks. We believe that good design is good business… and good fun.