The South Frame Public Realm seeks to enable the creation of an authentic, contemporary and distinctively urban precinct in Christchurch which uses creative and innovative ecology, landscape and urbanism to reveal its past, provide a catalyst for its future and seed a new creative community. The public realm network comprises of three key strategic interventions. These are; 


‘The Greenway’ -  an urban garden which weaves together ecology, site archaeology and social infrastructure into a multi-layered, and episodic ‘journey’ through the site. A new organising and connecting ‘spine’ which enables the environmental, economic and social regeneration of the Precinct

‘The Lanes’ - a new lane-way system which acknowledges the past whilst enabling the future. North-south connections and destinations deliver accessibility, connectivity and fine grained activity

‘The Yards’ - a network of landscape destinations that enable social, cultural and economic vitality. Supported by a site specific strategic activation and place making strategy the Yards are places for connection, engagement and expression revealing the identity and spirit of the Precinct.

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Location_  Christchurch, New Zealand
Client_   Otakaro Ltd
Date_   2015 - Current   Budget_  $25m
Team_   Aecom + Aurecon + JASMAX