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Rauora Park_

LandLAB has provided the creative design leadership for the East Frame Linear Park project (now known as Rauora Park). Located in Christchurch as part of the Avon River Park project. This project establishes a contemporary park space as a focal point and catalyst for the proposed East Frame residential precinct. 

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The park incorporates low impact design approach, shared space streets and a newly constructed topography as a response to the sites unique context and challenges. This new topography informs the episodic programming and activation of the park by informing the deployment of a series of sectional conditions - lawn, fold, meadow, allee and plaza. These provide a range of recreational programs and events that will support the creation of a new urban community.

Location_ Christchurch, New Zealand
Client_ Christchurch Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA)
Date_ 2013-2017
Budget_ $17m
Team_ OPUS + EOS Ecology + Boffa Miskell + E3BW