ponsonby Park

The PARK+ scheme for the 254 Ponsonby Road competition has been selected as the winner by the Ponsonby community. Thanks to the 254 Ponsonby Road project team for running a unique community led engagement process. We look forward to working with the Waitemata Local Board and Panuku to develop the scheme.

Ponsonby is a place of continuous transformation, re-inventing and re-discovering itself through it's rich layers of natural, cultural and social history. Our aspiration is for 254 Ponsonby Road to contribute to this dynamic and on-going re-invention. Ponsonby is inclusive, PARK+ will reflect
contemporary values of democracy, inclusiveness and sustainability through a simple, but rich, sequence of interwoven internal and external public spaces. Ponsonby needs a dynamic new public space, not just a green one, that is strategically located and equipped to simultaneously compliment and counter-balance the street and to emerge over time via a choreographed program of intervention, occupation and event.

170223 - Ponsonby Road Urban Park - Concept Report_Page_09.jpg

Our vision is to sensitively and adaptively re-use 254 Ponsonby Road's existing structures and features to create a unique, hybrid open space and destination that captures the urbanity, spirit and sense of place of Ponsonby. PARK+ weaves together the street (urban) and park (green) to reprogram
the site through the fluid interaction of open space, architecture, community and place. PARK+ embodies Ponsonby through innovative remediation, storm water filtration/re-use, sustainable energy generation, rich materiality, design excellence and creative place making that demonstrates
best practice in environmental, cultural and social sustainability.

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Location_  Auckland, New Zealand
Client_   Competition
Date_   2017   Budget_  $tbc
Team_   LandLAB