Lakeview Precinct Spatial Framework_

Lakeview will embody Queenstown through its high quality built form, a mix of uses, sustainable innovation, rich materiality, design excellence and creative placemaking that demonstrates best practice in environmental, cultural and social sustainability.

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The Lakeview precinct provides an exciting opportunity to curate a new urban precinct. One that compliments the existing character and aspirations of Queenstown’s town centre, historical core and lakefront open spaces. This project can explore and re-define an authentic, contemporary and visionary urban identity for Queenstown that resonates with both visitors and locals.

The DNA of Lakeview’s new built form will be informed by the authenticity and urbanity of the existing town centre with its fine grain, laneways and vibrant open spaces. The sites unique location enables a truly mixed-use urban precinct, integrated with its landscape setting/context, that activates the town centre year-round.

The precincts public realm will enable and support a mix of uses, activities and attractions and establish Lakeview as a destination for people. The precinct will weave together street, park and plaza to re-program the site through the fluid interaction of open space, architecture, community and place

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Existing reserves will be sensitively integrated into the masterplan. Isle Street will be the primary organising and connecting element of the precinct. A slow speed, pedestrian priority heart and focal point that supports both movement and place functions. Lakeview Plaza provides the precincts focal point for recreation and community and a catalyst for a complimentary program of placemaking and strategic activation.

Location_ Queenstown, New Zealand
Client_ Queenstown Lakes District Council (QLDC)
Date_ 2017 - 2018
Budget_ N/A
Collaborators_ BECA + QLDC