Karanga Plaza establishes the arrival and departure point for movements between the city centre and Wynyard Quarter and an important event and recreational destination. The design concepts for this project seek to establish a high degree of connectivity along the ‘waterfront axis’ (the east-west axis that connects the CBD waterfront) visual connections between land and sea.

The two key design concepts of ‘hardstands‘ 

(flexible multi-functional event spaces) and ‘slip’ (articulations of the waters edge) establish a design strategy that integrates the sites marine archaeology, historical uses, and patterns of activity.

These ideas provide for the creation of new open spaces that meet the complex social and event requirements of the waterfront as well as opportunities for interaction and engagement 

that will support access and occupation of the waters edge. 

The key elements of the project include a tidal stair connecting the plaza to the water, a grove of Pohutukawa, rain gardens, a flexible/moveable container kiosk structure and moveable seating elements that allow the spaces to be appropriated for a wide range of activities from casual gathering through to large scale events.

Location_   Wynyard Quarter, Auckland
Client_   Waterfront Auckland
Date_   2009- 2011
Budget_  $9m
Team_   Architectus + BECA + E3BW