F03 Folded Bench

Dimensions_ 1423mm H x 1440mm W x 14090mm L
Material_ 40mm x 40mm machine finished hardwood slats w/ SHS sub frame. Recessed RGB strip lighting.
Design Intent_ The proposed Viaduct furniture suite introduces a range of new timber forms and materiality that reinforce waterfront identity, historical uses and support more social and flexible occupation of the promenade and associated spaces. These elements are distributed along the existing promenade to provide episodic experience, engagement and to test new seating/occupation strategies.
Fabricator_ Design Production
Location_ Viaduct Harbour, Auckland CBD
36°50’32.99” S, 174°45’35.82” E


Dimensions_ 450mm H x 500mm W x 2800mm Diameter
Material_ 8mm corten/weathering steel plate laser cut with steel support legs and a concealed LED strip lighting.
Design Intent_ A seating element which creates social seating opportunities while its materiality makes reference to the sites post-industrial history.
Fabricator_ Hunua Park


Lombard Lane_
Prism Bench Suite

Dimensions_ 500mm H x 1250mm W x 6125mm L
Material_ Reinforced insitu natural concrete seat with dark oxide finish, combined with hardwood timber slats
Design Intent_ With a bold sense of directionality, the Prism Bench offers a continuance of site wide historical references to Wellington’s 1840 shoreline.
Fabricator_ FEL Group


Long Bay Village_
Platform Seat

Dimensions_ 450mm H x 400mm W x 3165mm L
Material_ Hardwood timber slats with a corten frame
Design Intent_ A seating island within the Long Bay Village plaza provides a refuge for pedestrians
Fabricator_ N/A


Commercial Bay_
Geomorphic Seat

Dimensions_ 1400mm W x 4800mm L
Material_ Glulaminated pine timber in 180mm sections
Design Intent_ Interaction of geological and topographical narratives, generative processes and ergonomic considerations were used create these dynamic sculptural forms.
Fabricator_ Creative Cam


Dimensions_ 445mm/850mm H x 910mm W x 3010mm L
Material_ Aluminium cladding and framing
Design Intent_ A gathering space
Fabricator_ Walkspace


F02 Bench

Dimensions_ 450mm H x 700mm W x 4200mm L
Material_ MS Sub frame with Purple Heart timber
Design Intent_ The bench introduces a dynamic + 'shapey' language to the Viaduct Harbour
Fabricator_ Design Production


Karangahape Road_
Urban Seating Enhancements

Stool_ 600mm w x 400mm L x 450mm H
Small Bench_ 600mm W x 1200mm L x 750mm H
Long Bench_ 600mm W x 2000mm L x 750mm H
Material_ Folded steel frame with perforations and hardwood timber slats
Design Intent_ Cantilevered benches emerge from the upgraded Karangahape Road pavement, clustered to create a unique social space. The forms are simple, urban and robust, providing comfort along one of Aucklands most popular streets.
Fabricator_ TBC


Madden + Pakenham_
Perchable Seats

Dimensions_ 500mm H x 500mm W x 500mm L
Material_ Corten steel with perforations
Design Process_ The Corten perchable reflects the industrial nature of the site. These components are all moveable enabling the street to adapt and respond to changing patterns of use, as a consequence of redevelopment, over time.
Fabricator_ Hunua Park


Auckland Waterfront_
Bench Suite

Dimensions_ 450mm H x 1800mm W x 6000 L
Material_ 10mm Stainless steel frame, bead blast finish, 45mm x 65mm timber slats
Design Process_ A modern interpretation of the park bench. This suite offers formal + informal seating opportunity in street + waterfront environments..
Fabricator_ Hunua Park + Streetscapes


Lombard Lane_
Cranked Light Pole

Dimensions_ 12.0m H
Material_ Mild Steel
Design Intent_ In Denton Park lighting has been aggregated into a single central bespoke pole. This reduces clutter, creates a beacon/landmark and reinforces this as a location of note within the city centre. The forms are abstractly inspired by the ‘taurapa’ of waka and the hulls, masts and forms of vessels that previously graced the foreshore provides the focal point of this space.
Fabricator_ FEL Group


Westhaven Promenade_
Timber Sleeper

Dimensions_ 450mm H x 400mm W x 3165mm L
Material_ Hardwood Timber
Design Intent_ A seamless extension of the boardwalk, this simple and robust seat provides integrated seating capacity at curated intervals.
Fabricator_ N/A


Avon River Park_
Mōkihi Bench

Dimensions_ 3600mm L x 500mm W x 500mm H
Material_ Eucalyptus Saligna, bead blasted stainless steel, custom brass fixings
Design Intent_ Within the river park larger benches – inspired by ‘mōkihi’ (reed canoes) – provide clustered seating within existing and new park spaces.
Fabricator_ Walkspace


South Frame Public Realm_
Lineal Seat Suite

Dimensions_ 500mm H x 750mm W x 2500mm L
Material_ Precast natural concrete seat with a light sandblast finish, 50x50mm hardwood timber inlay fixed on a steel frame.
Design Intent_ A suite of linear seating elements arrange themselves to provide social seating opportunity along the South Frame Greenway.
Fabricator_ Walkspace