F03 Folded Bench

Dimensions_ 1423mm H x 1440mm W x 14090mm L
Material_ 40mm x 40mm machine finished hardwood slats w/ SHS sub frame. Recessed RGB strip lighting.
Design Intent_ A sculptural seating intervention, the Folded Bench disrupts a monotonous waterfront edge condition introducing a new material language and parametric form.
Fabricator_ Design Production


Daldy Street Linear Park_
Cylindrical Seat

Dimensions_ 450mm H x 500mm W x 2800mm Diameter
Material_ 8mm corten/weathering steel plate laser cut with steel support legs and a concealed LED strip lighting.
Design Intent_ A seating element which creates social seating opportunities while its materiality makes reference to the sites post-industrial history.
Fabricator_ Hunua Park


Lombard Lane_
Prism Bench

Dimensions_ 500mm H x 1250mm W x 6125mm L
Material_ Reinforced insitu natural concrete seat with dark oxide finish, combined with hardwood timber slats
Design Intent_ With a bold sense of directionality, the Prism Bench offers a continuance of site wide historical references to Wellington’s 1840 shoreline.
Fabricator_ FEL Group


South Frame Public Realm_
Lineal Seat Suite

Dimensions_ 500mm H x 750mm W x 2500mm L
Material_ Precast natural concrete seat with a light sandblast finish, 50x50mm hardwood timber inlay fixed on a steel frame.
Design Intent_ A suite of linear seating elements arrange themselves to provide social seating opportunity along the South Frame Greenway.
Fabricator_ Walkspace


Commercial Bay_
Parametric Seat

Dimensions_ 1400mm W x 4800mm L
Material_ Glulaminated pine timber in 180mm sections
Design Intent_ Interaction of geological and topographical narratives, generative processes and ergonomic considerations were used create these dynamic sculptural forms.
Fabricator_ Creative Cam


Westhaven Promenade_
Timber Sleeper

Dimensions_ 450mm H x 400mm W x 3165mm L
Material_ Hardwood Timber
Design Intent_ A seamless extension of the boardwalk, this simple and robust seat provides integrated seating capacity at curated intervals.
Fabricator_ N/A


South Frame_

Dimensions_ 445mm/850mm H x 910mm W x 3010mm L
Material_ Aluminum cladding and framing
Design Intent_ A gathering space
Fabricator_ Walkspace



Dimensions_ 450mm H x 700mm W x 4200mm L
Material_ MS Sub frame with Purple Heart timber
Design Intent_ The bench introduces a dynamic + 'shapey' language to the Viaduct Harbour
Fabricator_ Walkspace


Phoenix Plaza_

Dimensions_ 450mm H x 500mm W x 2000mm L
Material_ Precast Concrete Units with Purple Heart hardwood Seating Inserts
Design Process_ A playful series of folded and fluid forms highlight the interaction of the waters to the East and West with the linear urban condition which characterises the site..
Fabricator_ Terrazzo & Stoneworks (Concrete Precast Units) Hunua Park (Timber Seating Inserts)


Auckland Waterfront_
Bench Suite

Dimensions_ 450mm H x 1800mm W x 6000 L
Material_ 10mm Stainless steel frame, bead blast finish, 45mm x 65mm timber slats
Design Process_ A modern interpretation of the park bench. This suite offers formal + informal seating opportunity in street + waterfront environments..
Fabricator_ Hunua Park + Streetscapes