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Daldy Street Linear Park_

Daldy Street ‘Linear Park’ provides the second of the Wynyard Quarters strategic urban design moves. This is a ‘hybrid’ space that combines the functionality and linearity of a street with the rhythmical spatial sequences and diverse programs of a park. Low impact design, sustainable infrastructure, movement networks and episodic design elements are woven into an integrated landscape system. This provides for a journey and continuous green corridor between ‘land’ (pre-reclamation waters edge) and ‘sea’ (harbour).


Landscape is prioritised to reconnect, re-vitalise and re-energize the post-industrial ‘terrain vague’ of the Quarter’s core while bringing together people, ecology, infrastructure buildings and landscape.

The design language draws on the sites post-industrial and coastal character. It integrates elements of the sites marine archaeology and establishes a native and ecological planting aesthetic which supports a low impact design strategy and ecological diversity.

The project received NZILA excellence awards for both ‘urban design’ and ‘sustainability’. LandLAB_are engaged by Auckland Transport to deliver the second phase of this project between Pakenham and Fanshawe Streets. 


Location_ Wynyard Quarter, Auckland
Client_ Waterfront Auckland
Date_ 2009-2013
Budget_ $20m
Team_ Architectus + OPUS