Phaidon 30:30 Landscape Architecture

LandLAB have been included in Phaidon's recently published 30:30 Contemporary Landscape Architecture. The book includes "30 of today's most forward-thinking landscape architects and 30 of the world's most celebrated landscape architects."    

Included are features on the Karanga Plaza, Daldy Street Linear Park and Wynyard Commons projects. We're in pretty good company as the book also include profiles on LandLAB favourites such as Aspect Studios, Topotek 1, Field Operations, and StossLU.

Piloting Sustainable Infrastructure

LandLAB_ have been working with Panuku Development Auckland and BECA to pilot the use of the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA) 'sustainable infrastructure' ratings tool for the $20m Madden & Pakenham Street project.

The trial has fine tuned the tool for use in the New Zealand context to enable a rating system for the planning, procurement, delivery and operation of future infrastructure and public realm projects. Madden and Pakenham has been used as a working case study to explore the design, delivery, technical performance and resiliance of urban landscapes and infrastructure.

We are thrilled that the project has been awarded 'excellence' - the highest possible rating. 

Madden - R02 - Northcycleway - A3 0526 FLAT
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IS_Logo Master_CMYK Rev

LandLAB_ are ISCA accreditted 'green infrastructure' professionals.