Queenstown Town Centre Masterplan_

The Queenstown Town Centre Masterplan has been endoresed by Queenstown Lakes District Cpuncil. The strategy provides the opportunity for Queenstown to re-consider and re-imagine itself as ‘New Zealand’s coolest little city’. This exciting people focussed, design-led proposition includes retention of its key landscape character, dense and human scaled historic centre, vibrant mixed-use character and the addition of new sustainable transport options, internationally recognised events and celebrations, and authentic community and cultural experiences.

Key moves grouped map.jpg

Queenstown’s town centre has a distinct character which is formed through interrelationships of complex qualities: the scale and form of many of the buildings, the pattern and rhythm of the buildings in the streetscape, the layout of the streets and pedestrian linkages, the relationship with the lake and the mountains, and the comfort of the town centre as a place for workers, residents and visitors.

The projects vision is to ‘re-connect the Town Centre of Queenstown with the spirit of the place and community’. The master plan development and process reflects a synthesis of feedback provided from a highly creative community and stakeholder engagement strategy and a collaborative, place-based and design led process. In collaboration with BECA, Rationale and Assembly.