Piloting Sustainable Infrastructure

LandLAB_ have been working with Panuku Development Auckland and BECA to pilot the use of the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA) 'sustainable infrastructure' ratings tool for the $20m Madden & Pakenham Street project.

The trial has fine tuned the tool for use in the New Zealand context to enable a rating system for the planning, procurement, delivery and operation of future infrastructure and public realm projects. Madden and Pakenham has been used as a working case study to explore the design, delivery, technical performance and resiliance of urban landscapes and infrastructure.

We are thrilled that the project has been awarded 'excellence' - the highest possible rating. 

Madden - R02 - Northcycleway - A3 0526 FLAT
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IS_Logo Master_CMYK Rev

LandLAB_ are ISCA accreditted 'green infrastructure' professionals.