LandLAB are providing urban design leadership for the $100m Avon River Precinct project - the signature project for the Christchurch rebuild. This project delivers transformational change to Christchurch’s urban morphology by re-defining its city edge river front as a continuous 2km pedestrian priority, 'shared use' promenade within a river park corridor. 

The project enhances access to the water and brings the spirit and ecology of the river (fluid) into a dialogue with the city (grid). The new promenade  layers and thickens the edge of the city to catalyse new opportunities for access and occupation.

LandLAB have led the design for the Terraces river edge precinct which transforms Oxford Terrace from a conventional street into a shared use zone prioritising pedestrian access, occupation and a new tram circuit. 

Terraced river edge structures celebrate the interaction of city and river and enable new engagements with the Avon - Otakaro.

The heritage listed Bridge of Remembrance and adjacent Park of Remembrance are refurbished and reworked to establish a cohesive rivers edge destination.

Location_   Christchurch, New Zealand
Client_   Otakaro Ltd
Date_   2013 - Current
Budget_  $17m
Team_  OPUS + EOS Ecology + E3BW